The Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette A Collector's Dream

I know that this particular palette is sold out just about everywhere, but I was pleasantly surprised this Christmas when I tore open some cute puppy wrapping paper and realized that my adorable fiance had somehow found it. The Alice Through the Looking Glass palette by Urban Decay is a palette collector’s dream. I love how ornate and beautiful the packaging is so much that I could easily just ignore the shadows inside. This thing is basically just a functional piece of art for your vanity.

I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.

It opens up with a beautifully scripted quote, which in itself opens to a gorgeous little pop-up butterfly. Like a children’s pop-up book for grown up beauty lovers. I dig it.

The shadows inside are very reminiscent of a lot of Urban Decay palettes with a lot of bright pops of color, but this time with Alice in Wonderland themed names (to state the obvious). I was surprised by the amount of wearable colors actually, and you can easily put together a slew of neutral to dramatic eye looks with these.

There are a few absolute disappointments (you’ll see in the swatches) along with some gems.

Of the first layer of shadows, I am most impressed with Heads Will Roll and  Time. Heads Will Roll is a classic teal blue with a small amount of glitter running through it. The glitter isn’t overwhelming and pigmentation is good. Time is a very dark midnight blue bordering on black. On the lid it definitely transfers more blue. There is some kickback when you dip your brush into this color but fallout wasn’t extreme.

Most of the colors in this row are quite nice, and I love using Reflection as a warm  transition shade. Bandersnatch is very clearly quite patchy but with careful blending, a soft touch, it builds up to a beautiful color on the lids. The most disappointing and frankly just bad color in the entire palette is Dream On. In the palette in person and in photos it looks like it should be a charcoal with thick silver glitter but it shows up as barely a wash with barely a shimmer. It’s hard to the touch and pretty much nothing shows up with a brush or with your finger. If I were to rate this color alone it would be a -10/10. Yes, negative ten.

This is the best, most beautiful row of shades in the entire palette. None of the shades disappoint. They are all soft to the touch and pick up well on a brush. None of them are powdery or patchy; just perfect. I particularly love Salazen Grum as an all over wash of color (if you’re daring) in a lash-focused look.

The last row of colors are all so-so. Metamorphosis is a pretty baby blue-periwinkle mix of a color. Pigmentation could be better. Cake is a lovely fuchsia and Chessboard is a classic umber shade with a little bit of patchiness. Royal Flush is a very soft sheen but works well on the inner corner, and Mirror is pretty patchy but builds up OK.

All in all this is a beautiful palette just to have, but I wouldn’t hunt it down if you are interested in the shades alone. This is for the ardent collector of unique beauty products with some usability. You can still find it on ebay and Nordstrom Rack (so I hear) if you really want to find it.

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