Snow Day!

Here in Seattle we revel in the rarity of beautiful weather. You’ll always hear a Seattleite say, “We have the best Summers! You just have to get through Winter.” And I agree, we do have the most beautiful Summers. In all the places I’ve been I’ve never seen such blue skies, trees so green, and flowers so abundantly colorful. Winter is tough. While this city is known for its rain, it doesn’t rain so much as smother the city in gray. The light is dull and, let’s be honest, we’re all a little bit duller as well.

But sometimes, every few years, it snows.

And we all collectively freak. out. Everyone, from children to adults, runs out to build a snowman, go sledding down quiet neighborhood streets, and even snowboard in our hilly parks (not necessarily legal but the daredevils persist). The city feels quiet and the light feels bright once again. People are cheerfully bundled up; we say hello to strangers again (a Summer only activity), and we walk. Well, we walk mainly because nobody knows how to drive in snow (and you’ll hear everyone say this). But everything feels fun once again.

Then it rains. And there’s dirty slush everywhere. And it freezes overnight and we have icy roads. And everyone complains that nobody knows how to drive on icy roads. And our shoes get soaked in dirty, watery snow. And we all have to go back to school or work.

But still.

It’s fun!


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