Recent Makeup Favorites A Whole Lotta Pink

I’ve been in a makeup rut lately. Every time I go to do my makeup for the day I tend to reach for the same products and do the same old look. Subtle dusty pink blush, beige-y pink lips, and a soft shimmery eye (usually in the—you guessed it—pink family…). I guess you could say I’m having a pink phase. Or rose gold. Or mauve. Or all three. Same thing, basically.

This Milani blush in Romatic Rose* pretty much never leaves my face. It’s a very soft, matte, mauve pink and on the cheeks provides a soft flush of color. It’s my holy grail. Ride or die. #1 fav. The color doesn’t fade and it’s not powdery on the skin. As a pale lady it can be hard to find a blush that doesn’t either look ridiculous, totally the wrong undertone, or way too bright. This is just right. It goes without saying that the flower design embossed into the blush is (or was, in my case) beautiful, and I’m a little heartbroken that I’ve carved my way through it.

When it comes to mascara, I’m picky. I have stick-straight lashes. Like, even if I curl my eyelashes 129 times and hold the curler for 10 minutes straight and apply waterproof mascara, they’re back to pointing down to my cheeks in a second flat. I’d heard that Japanese mascara is the best for holding a curl, which makes sense. My mom is part Japanese and she too has lashes that refuse to hold a curl. Those genes seem to have made their way to me. I decided to try out the Fairydrops Platinum Mascara* and I refuse to look back. It holds a curl beautifully, but more impressively it somehow creates a curl on my lashes. On early mornings when I really don’t feel like pulling out the eyelash curler I’ve popped this right on and you wouldn’t have known I didn’t curl them myself. To add on to the laundry list of thingsthismascaradoes, it’s water resistant but easy to remove and never smudges on me. The Fairydrops Scandalqueen waterproof mascara* is well loved by many as well but I was intimidated by how difficult I’ve heard it is to remove.

I feel like everyone knows who brought “holo” nail polish on the map. I’ve been a nail polish junkie for as long as I can remember (and I still intimately remember the first time I got to wear polish on my little 7-year-old hands, painted by my amazing Great Aunt when she was still around) but was surprised to find I had no holographic shades. The horror! I picked up this beautiful shade called Royal Chapel by FUN Lacquer and it has been my go to shade for the past oh, 3 months? It’s a bronze shade leaning towards gold, and has a ton of shimmer. It takes at least 3-4 days for it to chip on my hands, but be warned that glitter polishes are a pain to remove.

The one thing I can’t seem to stop using is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance* palette. Everyone has this palette. It’s the Pumpkin Spice Latte of the palette world. It was right up my alley and love at first sight. I’ve had it for a little under 3 months and have already hit pan on the shade Vermeer, a light pink shimmer (I told you I had a problem). Warm Taupe is my favorite ABH shade of all time and I was very happy to see it included. I even like to use it to fill in my brows. I’ll be reaching for this palette for a long time.

And I must give credit to my little assistant. She’s a bit of a beauty queen so she just had to join in on the fun.


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